There are three levels of prayer… and music is the highest one.

How can I help?

You can Save The Music

You can help Save The Music by becoming a volunteer, a zamler or collector, a sponsor, by contributing online or by donating your records.

What STM does with the records?

We make these recordings available online.

We include words, transliteration and translation, music notation, historical context and biographies of the performers and authors, when possible.

Jewish music is our history, our life, our tradition, our spirit, our experience. It is the window to our soul.

Yiddish Vinkl

The Yiddish Vinkl explores and remembers our roots and keeps our language (mamaloshen) alive through history, literature, music, news, films, and our life stories.

The Amazing History of Klezmer Music

This is a brief clip which describes the origins and development of this unique music genre.

Rincon Sefaradi

Esta pajina es dedikada a los ke se interesan a la kultura djudeo-espanyola i dezean anchear sus konosensias en este kampo o ser aktivos eyos mizmos en los esforsos para su konservasion i difuzion.

اس ام اس عاشقانه