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Yiddish Vinkl

The Yiddish Vinkl explores and remembers our roots and keeps our language (mamaloshen) alive through history, literature, music, news, films, and our life stories.

Learn Hebrew Prayers

Learn Hebrew Prayers provides you a way to help you learn, by “simultaneous synchronized, seeing and hearing Hebrew” word(s) in three layers. Thus you will be able to learn the meaning of each word and be able to pronounce each word correctly, whether you read it from the Hebrew or the transliteration.

While the words are literal translations, you will be able to understand the prayer and subconsciously learn Hebrew words.

Rincon Sefaradi

Esta pajina es dedikada a los ke se interesan a la kultura djudeo-espanyola i dezean anchear sus konosensias en este kampo o ser aktivos eyos mizmos en los esforsos para su konservasion i difuzion.

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