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CALL FOR A TOUR: 1-000-000-8000


Where does your tax deductible financial contribution go?


Major Areas for funds:

  • Collection
  • Digitalization
  • Website Database
  • Research
  • Podcasts / Newsletters
  • Collaboration with the Community
  • Educational Program Development
  • Preservation
  • There are currently 3654 songs and 525 videos of Jewish music posted on our site and over 4,000 songs waiting for funds so that we can pay for the research, documentation and digitation process. Each song must go through the complete process, 1 – 10.

Process for each song includes:

  1. Digitize
  2. Clean
  3. Separate tracks
  4. Add Cover
  5. Add lyrics in original
  6. Translation into English, Spanish, French, Russian
  7. Transliteration into English, Spanish, French
  8. Sheet Music
  9. Karaoke
  10. Learning and Practice Area
  11. Ringtone
  12. Podcast
  13. Videos
  14. Calendar of Events

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