Malpes Mit Tzeklapte Kep (Monkeys and head injuries), song based on “Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed”

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A beautiful children’s song performed in Yiddish by Bobe Adina.

Monkeys and head injuries – Based on the famed  rhythmic poem ‘ 5 little monkey’s jumping on the bed… ‘, it makes for an arithmetical lesson as each falls from the bed and hurts their head. Mom wants to have them all in bed so she can go to rest as well.

Malpes Mit Tzeklapte Kep

Finf kleyne malpalakh bodn zikh – a vane
Vern reyn un tuen on – a sheininke
Putzn oys di tzeindlakh – farkamen zikh
oykh sheyn
Leygn zikh in betl, darfn shlofn geyn.

Finf kleyne malpalakh shpringen oyfn bet
Shpringen (2) – oy, s’iz zeyer shpet!
Shpringen vayter, shpringen un eyns falt
Git a kuk do ale – er tzeklapt zayn kop!
zi tzeklapt ir kop!

Di mame klingt dem dokter – un der dokter
“Men tor nit shpringen – men tzeklapt di

4 kleyne malpalakh…
3 kleyne malpalakh…
2 kleyne malpalakh…

Ein kleyne malpale shpringt nokh oyf ir
Shpringt (3)… oy… s’iz zeyer shpet!
Shpringt zi vayter, shpringt zi, un zi falt

Itzt ale malpes mit tzeklapte kep
Lign – darfn shlofn – un di mame bet:
“Kinder, shloft, zayt ruik – kh’vil fun dem
Kh’darf zikh oykh glaykh leygn – kh’vil
arayn in bet.
A gute nakht!”

Translated and modified to Yiddish by Adina Cimet. This CD is not for sale.

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