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Yekhiel Mohar
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Rozabadov, Poland
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Yekhiel Mohar  Biography

Yechiel Mohar, the son of Chaya (Heicha) and Meir Mohar , was born in 1921 in the town of Rozabadov in western Galicia , Poland , and at the age of one year his family moved to the resort town of Pichtengrund near Berlin , Hebrew writers. His father was a poet, writer and translator. His uncle, Moshe Ben-Menachem (Schlanger), was also a writer, poet, educator and critic.

At the age of 17 , Yechiel immigrated to Eretz Yisrael alone as part of the ” Youth Aliyah ” and arrived in Kfar Yehoshua . On the eve of the war , his parents immigrated, and his older brother Yeshayahu joined them in 1942 . Traces of his brother Abraham were lost in Russia in World War II . On May 3, 1948 , during the War of Independence , his brother Yeshayahu died.

Mohar began writing songs for the parties at Kibbutz Dovrat , where he moved with the training of Zeraim from Kfar Yehoshua, where he also met his wife Adina.

In 1946 Mohar and his wife moved to Tel Aviv . In the 1950’s, he wrote extensively for the Nahal , began writing poetry and published five books of poetry that he had been involved in during his life in Israel.

Mohar collaborated with the composer Moshe Wilensky, and they created many hits for the Nahal dance troupe, including “Ya Megalati”, “Mount Sinai” (written against the backdrop of the Sinai Campaign ), “Hora Ntagbar”, ” , “Lullaby on spring and sea.” Other hits he wrote to the Nahal band were composed by Sasha Argov (“Twelve Tone”), Dubi Seltzer (“Hareh ​​HaYakhazot”, “Ya Yerach”) and Yohanan Zarai (“Autumn Wind”, “One High and Two Small”). The singer Shoshana Damari performed some of his songs, including “Ballad on Ma’ayan VeYam”, “In Light of Memories” and “My House”.

In 1966 he won the Miriam Talpir Prize for Literature, for his book “New Songs”. 

Mohar died in 1969 , at the age of 48, after a series of heart attacks .  He was buried in the southern cemetery in Holon.  Survived his wife Adina (died in 2000 ), Ben, Eli Mohar (died in 2006 ), who was a songwriter and publicist , and a daughter, Roni Migdan-Mohar (then a ninth grader).

4 Songs Composed by Yekhiel Mohar

 4 Tracks Composed   Add songs to playlist
  • Le'or Hazikhronot
  • We Shall Pass
  • We Will Pass The Straights
  • Zot Harderekh Le Eylat

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