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Paul Burkhard

Paul Burkhard  Biography

Paul Burkhard (December 21, 1911 in Zürich – September 6, 1977 in Zell) was a Swiss composer. He wrote primarily Oratoria, Musicals and Operettas.

His probably most famous artistic creation was the song Oh meyn Papa (Oh my Papa), about the death of a beloved clown-father, written for the musical “Der Schwarze Hecht” (re-issued in 1950 as “Feuerwerk”) that premiered in April 1939. The song rose to #1 on the Sheet Music Chart and stayed in the chart for 26 weeks. The song has been performed and recorded by numerous artists since then, including Alan Breeze, Annette Klooger, Billy Cotton, Billy Vaughn, Connie Francis, Diana Decker, Eddie Calvert, Eddie Fisher, The Everly Brothers, Harry James, Ken Mackintosh, Lys Assia, Malcolm Vaughan, Muriel Smith, Ray Anthony & his Orchestra, Russ Morgan & his Orchestra, The Beverley Sisters, The Brasshats, The Radio Revellers, and many others.

Works (Selection)

  • 1935 – Hopsa

  • 1950 – Feuerwerk (Original: Der schwarze Hecht, 1939) with the hit song O mein Papa

  • 1951 – Die kleine Niederdorf-Oper

  • 1960 – Frank V – Comedy with Musik; „Oper einer Privatbank“, by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

  • 1960 – Zäller Weihnacht – Christmas play

  • 1965 – Noah – The story of Noah and the Arc – for children

  • 1971 – Zäller Oschtere – Easter passion play

1 Songs Composed by Paul Burkhard

 1 Tracks Composed
  • O Mayn Papa

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