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Lipa Feingold
Birth Date
Birth Place
Berdichev, Kiev, Ukraine
Death Date
October 7, 1945
Death Place
Denver, Colorado

Lipa Feingold  Biography

Jewish jeweler and musician Lipa Feingold. Feingold emigrated to the U.S. from Russia with his wife in 1905. He patented a number of jewelry inventions while residing in Denver, Colorado. His Yiddish musical compositions gave insight into the Jewish immigrant experience in the U.S. and demonstrated his concerns about assimilation. Feingold’s English songs promoted patriotism and anti-racism.

Published in 1927, two of his songs, “Heintige Khazunim / Todays Cantors” and “Der Nayer Id / New Jew”, brought him fame as the author of popular songs. Later, his songs were performed by the cantors Jossele Rosenblatt and Leibel Waldman. In 1940 he published a compilation of his own compositions “Price leader / Ten songs”. Songs on Feingold’s poems were written by Yosef Rumshinsky and Alexander Olshanetsky.

He died on October 7, 1945.

2 Songs Composed by Lipa Feingold

 2 Tracks Composed   Add songs to playlist
  • Omar Abay
  • Open the Hilim

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    Was Nicholas related to Alexander Saslavsky who married Celeste Izolee Todd?

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