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Avrom Singer
Birth Date
October 15
Birth Place
Galizia, Austria
Death Date
October 1, 1965
Death Place
New Tork, NY, United States

Avrom Singer  Biography

Avrom Singer is a cantor, composer, author of popular songs. Born October 15, 1876 in Galicia (Austro-Hungarian Empire).

From 1920 he was the cantor of the New York synagogue “Ahavat Hesed”, the regent of the choir which at the very beginning of his career was Avrum-Wolf Binder.

Member of the Association of Cantors of the United States and Canada (Chazonim Farband).

During the Great Depression, he lost his post as a cantor and earned a living by writing popular songs, mainly included in the repertoire of the leading cantors of the era: Leibele Waldman, Sholom Katz, the Koussevitz brothers, the Malavsky family choir, etc.

Avrom Singer died on October 1, 1965 in New York.

5 Songs Composed by Avrom Singer

 5 Tracks Composed   Add songs to playlist
  • Der Khazn In Der Shul
  • Di Naye Velt
  • In the New Temple
  • Mayn Kholem Fun Zeydn
  • Moishe Rabeynu Baym Barg Sinai

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