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Elisheva Edelson
Israel Folk, Sephardic Music, Yiddish Lid

Elisheva Edelson  Biography

Deeply involved in saving Jewish Music. Aknowledge as an excellent ambassador for the Jewish Music in Mexico. Warm, sensible, gracious and humble performer on stage.

Elisheva Edelson is originally from Monterrey, Mexico. She graduated from the Yiddish-Hebrew Teachers Seminar in Mexico City and has taught Jewish History and Music, Yiddish and Hebrew. She also graduated from the Senior Educators Program at the Melton Institute of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her teaching excellence has earned her the Advanced Pedagogic Award from the San Diego Agency of Jewish Education, the nationally prestigious Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for excellence in Education and she is a Feinstein Fellow for Jewish History in America. Elisheva is a religious instructor and Coordinator of Religious Programming at Congregation Beth Am.

Through the years I have learned many poems and songs of the Jewish Folklore in Hebrew, Yiddish and Judeo-Spanish. I have sung for children and adults and taught for both. I have discovered that each song is a story, a prayer an event in somebody’s life, happy or sad. I have discovered how to love Israel from far away. We all know that each melody stays forever in our memory and the moment we hear it again no matter how many years after that melody will connect us to the people we have met, to emotions and special moments or places.

Word and Melody, two strong elements that build up our Identity.
I invite you to keep on building up our young generations Jewish Identity and the love for Israel via song.
Let me help you in doing so.

9 Songs Performed by Elisheva Edelson

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Albums by Elisheva Edelson

Fun Meyn Yerushe

Fun Meyn Yerushe

3 thoughts on “Elisheva Edelson”

  1. Renate Bob says:

    I love your music
    Where can I find the lyrics for your songs? Are there translations into English?

  2. Jaime Landeta says:

    You are a great artist. I wish to know more about you

  3. Mark Zucker says:

    Love listening to you singing on YouTube. Thank you!

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