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Cracow Klezmer Band
Birth Date
Klezmer, Jazz

Cracow Klezmer Band  Biography

Powerful and enigmatic music from the city where every stone tells a silent story from the Jewish history. Despite that holocaust turned the Jewish part of Cracow into deserted ruins, the music of Cracow Klezmer Band explodes with vitality, spirituality and bright hope. The Cracow Klezmer Band was formed in 1997 by the accordionist and arranger Jaroslaw Bester. The band records for John Zorn’s famous New-York-based Tzadik label.

Remembrance (2007)
Balan: Book Of Angels Vol.5 (2006)
Cracow Klezmer Band plays John Zorn (2005)
Bereshit (2003)
The Warriors (2001)
De Profundis (2000)

Jaroslaw Bester – accordion
Jaroslaw Tyrala – violin
Oleg Dyyak – accordion, clarinet, percussion
Wojciech Front – double bass

Albums by Cracow Klezmer Band

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