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Artist Name
Cookie Blattman
Birth Place
Boro Park, Brooklyn, New York
Yiddish Folk, Liturgical

Cookie  Biography

Cookie Blattman

Cookie Blattman was born in Boro Park, Brooklyn, New York to Orthodox parents, Reb Alter and Deena Privin. Her father was a cantor, shokhet and marriage performer. Yiddish was the language spoken at home. Cookie married Lenny and has two children, Lori and David, and five grandchildren.

After coming to Florida 22 years ago, Cookie searched for Yiddish and found it at the Circle of Yiddish clubs. She eventually became a board member of that organization, now defunct. Once having sung for them, she was on her way to entertaining for many Yiddish clubs and organizations.

Cookie runs the Yiddish hour at the Daniel Cantor Senior Center and has been a volunteer there for about twenty years. She also runs the Kings Point Yiddish club and other adult facilities. Cookie has been a Board member of the IAYC and has entertained at our conventions. Cookie has also presented eleven one-woman Khanukah shows with a great klezmer orchestra, giving all the profits to Jewish Adoption and Family Care Options.

Cookie has a CD called Cookie Sings Yiddish; it has been given the honor of being put in the Judaica Yiddish Archives of Florida Atlantic University University of Pennsylvania.

Source: http://www.cs.uky.edu/~raphael/IAYC/conference-2014/biogs/CookieBlattman.html

Albums by Cookie

Cookie Sings Yiddish

Cookie Sings Yiddish

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