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Albert Piamenta

Albert Piamenta  Biography

Founder of the ensemble CUMIN PLUS, Albert Piamenta, is one of Israel’s prominent jazz figures and belongs to the pioneer generation of Israeli Jazz. He is a versatile musician and one of Israel’s top respected reeds players who plays jazz, classical, Arabic and other diverse styles. In addition to his long career as as player, soloist, arranger and conductor, Piamenta is the Musical Director of the Tel Aviv Musical Center and a teacher in the Jerusalem Music Academy.

A composer, arranger and conductor, well immersed in the rich traditions of the Middle East and Balkan ethnic music. Headed the Tel Aviv Music Center for many years and leads his own ensembles, among them the famous Israel Saxophone Quartet. Holds Israel’s Minister of Culture Prize for his life long contributions and acheivments in the field of Jazz in Israel.

His charming personality and professional talents bring high enthusiasm to his performances. He is accompanied by the best jazz musicians, who offer a stunning performance of Benny Goodman in classical, Mediterranean, Balkan and Arabic jazz music.

2 thoughts on “Four Divine States of Mind”

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