Fayerlesher – mayzalakh (Firemen Mouse), song based on “Ratones Bombero”, by Cri Cri

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A beautiful children’s song performed in Yiddish by Bobe Adina.

Firemen Mouse – Valiant firemen-mouse that run to help out and save a mouse-girl as she jumps from the fire. They do not get distracted by cheese snacks or by the menacing cats.

This song is part of the album “Talzi”, Cri-Cri songs and traditional songs for children in Yiddish.

Fayerlesher – mayzlakh

Fayerlesher kumen, un zey loyfn
S’do a fal
Ale ongeton mundirn, hitlakh mit metal.

Mitn roytn oto vos zey firn, es fort gikh
Fayft es zeyer nign
Shteyt men, tut men on glaykh shikh.

Mitn roytn oto vos zey firn
Oy, es flit!
Naygerik kukt men
Ale viln khapn a blik.

Oyb men zet a fayer
Flamen durkh a fentster – shlekht!
Loyfn fayerlesher
Tsu farleshn – makhn rekht.

Kumen zey tsu loyfn
Mit a hoypt, a moyz a groys
Vayzt er mitn hentl
Vil s’zol gisn vaser bloyz.

Tzien zey di kishke
Gisn vaser, leshn oys
Hobn zey a leyter
Take oysgetzoygn groys.

Gornit shtelt zey opet
Haynt, zey shpiln nit mit ketz
Farlozn glaykh di kezalakh
Un zey helfn mit di netz.

Dort shteyt a mayzale
Vil shpringen – a gefar!
– Hob nit moyre kleyne
M’et dir khapn do derfar.

Oyb a grupe ketzlakh
Kumen shtern zey in gas
Vet men zey banetsn
Un fartraybn nas, nas, nas!

Translated and modified to Yiddish by Adina Cimet. This CD is not for sale.

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