A Mayzl (The Mouse), song based on “El Ratón Vaquero”, by Cri Cri

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A beautiful children’s song performed in Yiddish by Bobe Adina.

The Mouse – A mouse got into the house of another and makes believe he is the boss. The owner is uncomfortable to have him as a neighbor, sharing all his food and space. But the mouse confesses that he is really afraid to live outdoors in the field.

A Mayzl

In mayn eygn shtibl
Krikht a mayzl – yo gantz voyl
Geyt er mit a hitl un tzvei shtivl, groyse,

Er’z mistome a fremder
Er redt dokh an ander shprakh
Meynt er ikh farshtey im
Ikh farshtey im nit kayn zakh!

Plutzlung az er treft mir
Shpringt er – er’z dershrokn
Vil er zayn a gibor
Zogt er mit bitokhn:

Gib a kuk – oyf mayn hut
Kh’bin balebesl fun di shtub
Nit nor du, nor ikh oykh
Muzn teyln zikh dos hoyz! (2)

Nemt er shrayen oyf Yidish
Az er iz mayn shokhn oykh
Tupet mitn shtivl
Makht zikh take zeyer groys.

Kh’veys nit vi tzu vern
Zayns a khaver – unter eyn dakh
Mayzl-shpayzl – est altz
Mir vert eng – un er a last.


Der emes iz: kh’bin nit a held
Kh’vil nit voynen dort in feld
Nit nor du, nor ikh oykh
Darfn teyln zikh dos hoyz! (2)

Translated and modified to Yiddish by Adina Cimet. This CD is not for sale.

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