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Thomas Fritze

Thomas Fritze  Biography

Thomas Fritze (double-bass, guitar and percussion) studied electric bass at the Arnheim Conservatory and since the completion of his studies, has been a freelance musician and accompanist.

Thomas is most at home playing in the styles of Jazz, Rock, Blues and Klezmer. He has played in numerous Ensembles from Blues-Trio to Jazz Big Band. However, today he is known foremost for his contributions as a double-bass player within the genre of Klezmer.

A unique, traumatic experience with transporting his 100 year old double-bass with a modern airline jet (The bass ended up upside down being well wrapped with a long row of seatbelts, occupying a whole row of seats.) convinced him into buying a new, state of the art, eminence bass which is small and can fly! (see picture for details) Despite the modernity of his instrument, it’s sound has remained traditional. Powerful and not too modest, Thomas lays the rhythmic and harmonic foundations for the music of the Alliance. He has been quoted for saying that ‘Guy Schalom already grooves on his own,’. Together, they build a perfect team for ‘the hottest Yiddish dance music in Europe. ‘

Thomas has transcribed and arranged numerous Klezmer pieces and continues to compose in this style. He is always able to keep the public dancing with his playing, be it at Weddings, Barmitzvahs, parties or Klezmer concerts. Thomas Fritze lives in Langenfeld near Cologne.

1 Songs Composed by Thomas Fritze

 1 Tracks Composed
  • Vuz Iz Boyne?

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