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Sholem Shtern
Birth Date
Birth Place
Tishevitz, Poland
Death Date
August 1990
Death Place
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Sholem Shtern  Biography

SHOLEM SHTERN (1907–? ), a Yiddish poet and literary writer, immigrated to Canada in 1927. He was associated with the radical movement for many years, contributing to its Yiddish press, mostly on literary subjects. This association ceased, however, when the fate of Jewish writers and intellectuals under Stalin became known. His collections of poetry include Nuntkejt (Toronto, 1929) and In der Fri (Montreal, 1945). His two-volume novel in Yiddish verse In Canada (Montreal, 1960–63), is an unusual literary record of the Canadian scene. Another book, Das Vayse Hoyz (New York, 1967), was translated into Hebrew by Shimshon *Meltzer, under the title Ha-Bayit ha-Lavan be-Harim (Tel Aviv, 1972). Sholem Shtern’s poetry and criticism of Yiddish writing have been widely published in important journals in Poland, the Argentine, Australia, Romania, South Africa, France, and Israel, as well as in Canada and the United States. He is represented in various anthologies and on recordings. YEHIEL SHTERN (1903– ), educator and author, graduated from the Jewish Teachers’ Seminary of Vilna, and taught in Poland before immigrating to Canada in 1936. There he became associated with the Peretz schools in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Montreal successively. His Kheder un Bes Medresh (New York, YIVO, 1950) won the Lamed Prize

1 Songs Composed by Sholem Shtern

 1 Tracks Composed
  • Shabes

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