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Meshugga Beach Party
Birth Place
Folk, Jewish Rock, Instrumental
Years Active
Since 2003

Meshugga Beach Party  Biography

Meshugga Beach Party brings together many favorite Jewish melodies with the fun, retro-cool sounds of surf music. The band puts on an exciting, high energy live show – dressed like rabbis, synchronized dance moves, the “dead joke scrolls” – it’s surfin’ shtick at it’s finest. The band features guitars, piano, organ, bass and drums, and the occasional holler for good measure.

Meshugga Beach Party has been playing around the Bay Area since 2003 at clubs and festivals, including shows at AT&T Park and The Bay to Breakers. Live performances of the band have also been a hit on the web, with their “Hava Nagila /Misirlou” clip garnering over 100,000 viewings on sites like YouTube and Yahoo video.

Albums by Meshugga Beach Party

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