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Manfred Lewandowski
Birth Date
September 1, 1894
Birth Place
Hamburg, Germany
Death Date
September 8, in 1970.
Death Place
Philadelphia, PA, United States

Manfred Lewandowski  Biography

Manfred Lewandowski was born in Hamburg, Germany on 1 September in 1895 to a family of cantors. Manfred was Louis Lewandowski’s great-nephew and his father, Isidor, was a cantor in Hamburg.

Young Manfred first sang in a synagogue choir in Hamburg from 1906 to 1912; the cantor at the time was Yossele Rosenblatt, who became Lewandowski’s teacher.

In 1921 he became cantor in Königsberg. From 1923-1928 he was the cantor of the Friedenstempel in Berlin, and from 1928-1938 of the Synagogue on Lindenstrasse.In addition to his cantorial activities, Lewandowski sang regularly on various radio stations in Germany from 1924-33, where he sang both operatic roles and songs.

He fled Germany in 1939, going first to Paris and eventually to the United States. From 1939-40, he sang at a synagogue in New York, and from 1940-48 in Philadelphia, and he is known to have appeared as a cantor as late as 1965. Lewandowski died in Philadelphia on 8 September in 1970.

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