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L’orient Express Moving Shnorers

L’orient Express Moving Shnorers  Biography

The shnorers, smart Ashkenazian Jewish beggars, participated in the rising of klezmer music in Central Europe. Afterward, they brought it over to the United States where it first had a strong influence on jazz, before it was confined to the “ergastules” that the Majors had built in their basements. About ten years ago, klezmer music surfaced with a superb renewal, and a fantastic evolution; France was not spared. L’Orient-Express is here to prove this with plenty of brass, strings and percussions. Klops, hering, pickled onions, vatrouchka and vodka, cherished by the Diaspora, emphasize the importance of Klezmorim culture.

Albums by L’orient Express Moving Shnorers

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