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Kobi Oshrat

Kobi Oshrat  Biography

Kobi Oshrat was born in Haifa, Israel, in 1944.

During his service in the Israeli Defense Forces, he was in an entertainment group as a singer and as an actor (1962-1965)

In 1969 he decided to leave the stage and concentrate on composing and arranging music. During thirty years of musical activity, Mr. Oshrat composed over a thousand songs, including tracks for movies, T.V. programs, musical, theater and commercial Jingles for both radio and T.V.

The ISRAELI ADVERTISING BRANCH celebrated in 1990 it’s 25th anniversary and chose THE JINGLE OF JINGLES. Mr. Oshrat received both first and second prizes.

KOBI OSHRAT has written many songs for children, some of which have won first places at the CHILDREN’S SONG FESTIVALS and became classics. His television series music for children is considered a foundation stone.

Mr. Oshrat gained international fame as the winning composer of the 1979 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST, with his song “HALLELUIAH”. The song was recorded in more than 400 versions world wide. The most well known version is EDDIE GORME and STEVE LAWRENCE’ in the U.S.A.

Mr. Oshrat was elected to serve as Israel’s Culture Consul at the Israeli embassy in L-A, USA, beginning of January 2000

2 Songs Composed by Kobi Oshrat

 2 Tracks Composed   Add songs to playlist
  • Eyn Lakh Mah Lid'og
  • Ven zi Tantz

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