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Gołda Tencer

Gołda Tencer
Birth Date
August 2, 1949
Birth Place
Łódź, Poland

Gołda Tencer  Biography

Gołda Tencer is a Polish-Jewish actress and singer. Gołda Tencer was born to a Jewish family, the daughter of Szmul and Sonia Tencer. In 1971 she graduated from Actors Studio in Warsaw. In 1984, as a scholar of the United States government, she explored theater life in U.S


  • 2007: Liebe nach Rezept – as Rosha
  • 2004: Alles auf Zucker! – as Golda Zuckermann
  • 1985: War and Love
  • 1983: The Winds of War
  • 1983: Haracz szarego dnia – as Róża
  • 1982: Hotel Polan und Seine Geste – as miss Menasze
  • 1982: Austeria – as Blanka
  • 1979: Komedianci
  • 1979: Gwiazdy na dachu
  • 1979: Dybuk – as Lea
  • 1979: Doktor Murek – as Kapelewicz’s daughter
  • 1979: David


  • A Yiddishe Mame
  • Ballady i romanse
  • Bei Mir Bistu Shein
  • Cadikim
  • Dieta
  • Dudele
  • Ejli, Ejli
  • Fraytik Oyf Der Nakht
  • Josl, Josl
  • Kinder Jorn
  • Mein Jidishe Mame
  • Mein Shtetele Belz
  • Rebeka
  • Rebns Nysn
  • Rozinkes mit Mandlen
  • Sekrety drzew
  • Varnitshkes
  • Zemerl

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