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Georges Auric

Georges Auric  Biography

Composer Georges Auric (born in Lodève, France on 15 February 1899) began and ended his career in France, but in the middle he contributed musical scores to some memorable British films, starting with Dead of Night (d. Alberto Cavalcanti/Charles Crichton/Basil Dearden/Robert Hamer, 1945) at Ealing. He trained at the Paris Conservatoire, and under the composer Vincent D’Indy at the Schola Cantorum.

He composed his first film score, Le sang d’un poète (Blood of a Poet, France, d. Jean Cocteau), in 1931, after working prolifically in other musical fields, including ballet. His early scores include those for such famous French films as A nous la liberté (France, d. René Clair, 1931). In England, he composed the score for eight further Ealing films, as varied as It Always Rains on Sunday (d. Robert Hamer, 1947), Cage of Gold (d. Basil Dearden, 1950) and The Titfield Thunderbolt (d. Charles Crichton, 1953), as well as notable scores for the films of other companies, including Silent Dust (d. Lance Comfort, 1949, a typically stirring melodramatic score), The Queen of Spades (d. Thorold Dickinson, 1949), and The Innocents (d. Jack Clayton, 1961).

He continued to compose for French films in the postwar decades, scoring such classics as Du rififi chez les hommes (Rififi, d. Jules Dassin, 1955), and Lola Montès (d. Max Ophüls, 1955). He was appointed director of the Paris Opera in 1962.

1 Songs Composed by Georges Auric

 1 Tracks Composed
  • Where's My Pants?

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  1. Jim Borman says:

    Was Nicholas related to Alexander Saslavsky who married Celeste Izolee Todd?

  2. Mark Goldman says:

    Anyone have a contact email for Yair Klinger or link to score for Ha-Bayta?

  3. allan wolinsky says:

    wish to have homeland concert video played on the big screen throughout North America.

    can organize here in Santa Barbara California.

    contacts for this needed and any ideas or suggestions welcomed.

  4. Orien McKee says:

    Nat farber is my great grandpa 😊

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