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Effi Netzer Singers

Effi Netzer Singers  Biography

EFFI NETZER is an outstanding and colorful figure, in the Israeli music field. He is a well known composer – many of the songs he wrote, turned out to be big hits, and are sung by the most famous singers in Israel. Also many of the songs he wrote are popular Folkdances.

EFFI is known as the “King of Sing Along” in Israel. 35 years ago he invented the method of Singing Along – with slides – that the words of the songs are written on them, and are projected on a big screen. This makes the singing easy, joyful and entertaining. People just love to sing along in Israel, and specially, EFFI is the modern Israeli “Troubadour” !

EFFI produced and directed more than 30 records till now!

He authored 5 song-books. Each containing more than 200 songs. All 5 of them are best sellers!!

EFFI conducts 5 choirs over the country! For more than 35 years he was the musical director of the City of Haifa. He represents Israel – as a musical ambassador of good-will in: Africa, South America, U.S.A., England, France, Holland, Poland etc!!

EFFI won the 1st prize in the Israeli Songs Festival, which is the Radio-Television most important song contest.

The shows he produces, conducts and directs are very successful!

November 2000 – he was responsible for the Concert of the Millenium – which took place in Strasbourg – France. This concert was sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism – and by its Minister, Mr. Amnon Lipckin-Shachak.

On September 2000 – he produced a big Concert, again for the same ministry in the “Ventian” – the newest hotel in Las-Vegas, The concert’s title: “Israel goes Vegas”!

1 Songs Performed by Effi Netzer Singers

 1 Tracks Sung
  • Tsur Mishelo Akhalnu

Albums by Effi Netzer Singers

Songs Of Israel

Songs Of Israel

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