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Cantor Asher Hainovitz
Birth Place
Jerusalem, Israel

Cantor Asher Hainovitz  Biography

Cantor Asher Hainovitz, Guest Tutorwas born in Jerusalem and studied Chazanut from an early age with the renowned Rav Zalman Rivlin. He also studied music at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem.

Chazan Asher Hainovitz has served as the Shaliach Tzibur of the Yeshurun for 40 years. Before taking up the Position in the Yeshurun, Chazan Hainovitz held the Positions of Cantor In Rhodesia,South Africa, and Great Britain, and appeared in Concerts.

Chazan Hainovitz conducts the services every Shabbat and Chag, in his own unique style, with the warmth and dignity of a very special Baal Tefila (Prayer Leader).

Chazan Hainovitz successfully mixes classical Chazanut, with well known popular tunes and communal singing. This is what occurs at every Service led by the Chazan.

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