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Bernd Spehl

Bernd Spehl

Bernd Spehl  Biography

Bernd Spehl is known for his performances with the Klezmertrio A Tickle In The Heart and the band Klezmer Alliance. With the trio as core team there were long-term projects with Pesakh Fiszman, Deborah Strauss, Andrea Pancur, Guy Shalom, Susan Ghergus and Efim Chorny.

To study historical sources and to meet important Klezmer interpreters, Bernd Spehl traveled to England, USA, Moldova and repeatedly to Israel on Mount Meron.

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  1. Susan Zarchy

    Henry Lefkowitch was my grandfather. I am interested in obtaining copies of all of his arrangements, compositions, and compilations, as well as any information about his life and the orchestras he founded.

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