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Avraham Ben Ze’ev
Birth Date
Birth Place
Wien, Austria
Death Date
May 12, 2014
Death Place
Haifa, Israel

Avraham Ben Ze’ev  Biography

A Vienna native poet, made aliyah in 1938 as part of the Youth Aliyah movement. He lived at the Ben-Yehuda senior center, where he was honored for his contribution to Hebrew song. Among the composers he worked with were Effie Netzer, Nissan Cohen-Ron, Yoseph Hadar and Shlomor Biderman.

Poet Avraham Ben Ze’ev, author of “Zemer Zemer Lach”, “Ani Veshiri”, “Haneshika Harishona” and “Hora Ne’urim”, passed away May 12, 2014 evening in Haifa, at the age of 91.


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