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Liturgical Gems

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Liturgical Gems

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  • Kolum Ahuvim

    All of them are beloved, pure and mighty,
    and all of them in dread and awe do the will of their Master

  • V'khulom Mkablim

    They all take upon themselves the yoke
    of the kingdom of heaven one from the other,
    and give leave one unto the other to declare
    the holiness of their creator.

  • Av Horakhamim

    May the Father of mercy have mercy upon a people that have been borne by Him, may He remember le covenant with the patriarchs, deliver our souls from vil hours, check the evil inclinations in them, that have been carried by Him, grant us of His grace and everlasting deliverance, and in his loving kindness fulfil our desires y salvation and mercy.

  • Ovinu H'ov Horakhamon

    O our Father, merciful Father ever compassionate, have mercy upon us; O put it into our hearts to understand and to discern, to mark, learn and teach, to heed, todo, to fulfil in love all the words of instruction in Thy Torah

  • Ki V'shem Kodshekho

    Because we have trusted in Thy holy great and revered Name, we shall rejoice and be glad in Thy saving power.

  • Shuvi Nafshi

    Return unto thy rest O my soul; for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee. For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, my feet from falling

  • A Gute Nakht