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A Brighter Day

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A Brighter Day

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  • Dodi Li

    After waiting all these years, Can’t believe it’s finally here. At last I can hold you near And show I love you well. Standing ‘neath the canopy, It’s the groom and bride to be, Ha-rei at m ‘kudeshet li K’da-at yis-rael.
    Dodi li va-ani lo Ha-roeh ba-shoshanim.
    Like Jacob and his Rachel,
    I’ve been captured by your spell.
    AMI want to do is tell
    The world of our love.
    Raise the cup and drink the wine,
    Break the glass and now you’re mine,
    Let the world know that I’m
    The one you’re dreaming of.
    Mi zoi olah min ha-midbar M’kuteret mor u-levonah
    Like the evening stars above, Risisng with the winged dove, Wc will spread unending love As time goes on and on. Seven blessings we receive. They will seal our destiny. Yet I still cannot believe That we are now as one.

  • Al Ha-Nissim

    Al ha-nissim v’al ha-purkan, V’al ha-g’vurot, v’al ha-t’shu-ot, V’al ha-milchamot she-asitah She-asitah lavoteinu.

    Ba-yamim ha-heim baz’man ha-zeh

    Biy’mei Matityahu ben Yochanan Uviy’mei Mordechai v’Esther ha-malkah Uvayamim shel Mar Hertzel u-Ven Gurion Amad’tah lahem b’eit tsaratam.

  • A Brighter Day

    Four hundred years of suffering ‘neath the pharoah. Misery and torment were all we saw. Moses led the children to the desert, There G-d revealed His sacred law. Forty years of wandering and searching, Trying to lose the vestiges of slaves. Then one day they crossed the river Jordan Returning to the land that G-d once gave.


    Through each disaster a feeling survives us,
    And from the ashes a phoenix arises,
    No matter what the cost, we’re still the optimist
    We cannot stop looking for a brighter day.

    Two thousand years of wandering “round this planet,
    Six million murdered by a world gone mad,
    But what should happen then, we returned to the Promised Land,

    A home to end our wandering at last.
    All those years and some are still in darkness,

    Shadowed as an iron curtain’s drawn,
    Leaders have come and gone, but the suffering goes on,
    Waiting for redemption for so long.


    Our faith in G-d and in man is what guides us, A hope that one day the world realizes, No matter what the cost, when all our hope is lost, We cannot stop looking for a brighter day.

  • Havdalh

    Hinei keil yeshuati
    Evtach v’loef-chad
    Ki azi v’zimrat kah Adoshem,
    vay’hi li liy’shu-ah Liy’shu-ah.

    Ushavtem mayim b’sasson
    Mi-may’nei ha-yeshu-ah
    Ladoshem ha-yeshu-ah
    Al am’cha birchatecha,
    selah Selah.

    Behold the Lord is my deliverer
    I trust in You and I am not afraid
    For the Lord is my strength and my stronghold
    The source of my deliverance
    My deliverance.

  • Falsha Nevermore

    Open wide your loving arms.
    See your children coming home.
    Give them shelter from the storm, T
    hey’re coming home.

    We were dying in Africa
    In the region of Gondar.
    The children were crying out
    With disease and with hunger.

    Then we set out on the road to freedom
    Five hundred miles to the north.

    We were 10,000 refugees On a line from Lake Tana.
    We were met by the Sudanese As we left Ethiopia Carrying our one possession.
    The holy books, the Torah.

    Now we’re going home
    As the eagles soar.

    We have found Shalom
    At your open door.

    We will be Falasha
    Cause we’re going home.

    Well my name is Avraham
    I’m the priest for my people.

    When we moved into Ashkelon
    I was sick, I was feeble,
    But the gates of Shaarei Tsedek opened
    Wide for my whole family.

    Beta Israel
    Was the name we had taken
    But they called us Falasha
    In their scorn and their hatred.

    Now with your help and kindness
    We are learning to be Yisraeli.


  • Home To Jerusalem


    Home to Jerusalem
    Our love will never end.

    You are the strength that flows through my right hand.
    1*11 never forget you, Jerusalem.

    High up in the hills is your golden dome,
    Calling to your children to bring them home.

    And they shall be like dreamers awakened from their sleep
    To go up to Jerusalem.

    Often in the night, we have called your name

    Burning with the light of a holy flame

    And now you stand before us with open arms.
    Welcome back to Jerusalem.


    Im eshkacheich Yershalayim, Oh, tishkach yemini
    No one can possess you
    Though some have tried.

    Too many are your lovers
    To be denied.

    Now gather here the faithful of every tribe.
    Pray for peace in Jerusalem.

    People of the world.
    Now the time has come To put away our hatred And carry on

    In song and celebration
    For everyone.

    We rejoice in Jerusalem.

  • Photo Album: Cheder (Mah Nishtanah); Escape; Reminiscence

    Young man:
    Why are you crying, my old friend? Looking at photographs again. Thais just ancient history Why don’t you tell me what you see? Talk to me.

    Old man:
    These are the benches where we children sat,
    Learning our lessons; I can still feel the sting
    Of the teacher’s ruler.

    I can still hear him sing, “Aleph, bais,”
    Still see the look on his face.
    You never saw anger like that;

    Children sit down and be quiet.

    Soon will be the holiday of Passover
    And for this you must know the Mah Nishtanah.

    Learn it well because someday you 7/ need to
    teach it to your children. “Mah nishtanah halaylah
    hazeh mikol halaylot…”

    Cheder (Mah Nishtanah)
    Mah nishtanah ha-laylah ha-zeh mikol ha-lailot Sheb’chol halailot anu ochlin chametz u-matzah Ha-la-la-la-laylah, ha-laylah ha-zeh kulo matzah Sheb’chol halailot anu ochlin sh’ar y’rakot Ha-la-la-la-laylah, ha-laylah ha-zeh maror

    Why is this night different from all other nights? Out of the slavery of Egypt into Freedom’s holy light. Tell me. why is this night different from all other nights? It’s Freedom’s holy light.
    Sheb’chol halailot anu ochlin chametz u-matzah Sheb’chol halailot anu ochlin sh’ar y’rakot Ha-la-la-la-laylah, ha-laylah ha-zeh kulo matzah Ha-la-la-la-laylah, ha-laylah ha-zeh maror¦

    Tell me why?

    Young man:
    Why are you sighing, my old friend? Lost in your photographs again. It’s a new world, can7 you see. And you can always talk to me.

    Old man:
    Here is your cousin with his baby boy.
    Look at how proud; he would have been your age now
    Or a little bit older;
    We could have saved them somehow, if we only knew.
    We would have saved them somehow
    But we didn’t know
    How could we know?

    It was a cold hard day in Poland.
    The year was nineteen thirty-nine.
    He told his father, “I’m going to America.”

    He could hear the thunder rolling
    Before the Germans crossed the line
    He bought a pass, and started out all alone.

    His family was still unaware of the danger He said he would send for the rest of them later. He knew he’d be starting again as a stranger But he was young and he had to try.

    Come to America, America, The Land of Liberty. Come to America, America, To see what you could be. Come to America, America, With all your hopes and dreams. America the free.

    He was three weeks on the ocean
    Before they sailed into New York.

    He saw a hand reaching out from America.

    But then the man from immigration Said they weren’t taking any more: “Turn around, you’re not wanted here at all!”

    He rushed to the front of the line and he shouted: “You made a mistake I am sure when you counted. The rights of these people must never be doubted; Our only hope is if you let us in.”

    I hear America calling me With ihe promise of life and equality And I know that a new world awaits for me In America the Free.
    Then the man came round the table.

    And he looked him in the eye

    And he said, “Son, welcome to America.

    What makes you think that I should save you

    More than the thousands I deny?

    We’ve got a quota, and my friend, (hat is the law!

    Just get over there now and fill out those papers. Sit down, and don’t ask me for any more favors. Those others with you can come in when I say so. It’s not my job to see that you survive.”

    Young man:
    What are you looking at, my fine old friend?
    Some kind of boutonniere from God knows when.

    Old man:
    It’s a dried-up flower pressed into the page Just a wild-flower from a long time ago Oh, I wish you could know how it was…

    When I was young I had a fantasy That I would marry royalty. And everything seemed possible In the days when I was young.
    And I recall I had a sweetheart then. At times I still remember when We ran through fields of wildflowers In the days when I was young.

    But then there came a time of darkness
    When the whole world fell around us,
    And the Nazis came and dragged us to the ground.

    And I don’t know why I survived it
    When so many others didn’t.

    They took the best and left us nothing
    In the days when I was young.

    And now I know you are my family:
    You took me in out of my misery,
    And we have travelled down these many years as one.

    But yet I sometimes still remember those
    Who perished, while the whole world closed
    Their eyes and turned away
    In the days when I was young.

    Old man:
    Now you are busy with your busy life
    Minding your business, I just don 7 know anymore
    Why I keep these pictures.

    It just upsets me, I’m sure, though I can’t explain
    It ‘$ not a matter of pain,
    Just the question why?