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“My shvester Jaye" by Binem Heller, recited by Hadassa Kestin and performed by dozens of artists from around the world

My shvester Jaye, by Binem Heller read by Hadassa Kestin.

A mixture with its reading and its translation for your benefit, since not everyone has a poem written for a cousin that they have never met.

Text and translation and transliteration

For everyone it is a poem, a song, for you, it is mishpoje, it is your cousin to whom it never consists, your uncle – whom you never saw wrote it to you, and your aunt whom you never listened to who read it while we still We had the opportunity to listen and live with her and now she sent it to you on video so that you can get to know her and through yourself.

Illustrated with translation

Other versions for the collection:

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