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Solomon Golub
Birth Date
February 27, 1887
Birth Place
Death Date
June 18, 1952
Death Place
New York, NY, United States

Solomon Golub  Biography

Solomon Golub (Latvia, 27 February 1887 – Bronx, New York, 18 June 1952) was a Russian-born, naturalized American, song composer.[1] A collection of his Yiddish songs were published by Metro Music in 1936.

Among the immigrant composers of artistic Yiddish songs with wide popular appeal in America during the first half of the 20th century, Solomon Golub was one of the most beloved figures. He was also a kind of performing bard, who sang his songs in formal classical concert format (with piano), where the audiences—often familiar with some of the songs from radio broadcasts, recordings, or previous concerts—were encouraged to sing along and did so with a kind of loving, nostalgic enthusiasm rare for art songs—even songs with Golub’s direct and simple flowing lines.

Golub was born in Duveln [Dubelen, Dobele], near Riga, Latvia, where his father was a local ba’al t’filla (lay cantor) and ba’al k’ri’a (Torah reader). His mother was a singer, known for her attachment to the songs of the famous Jewish bard Eliakum Zunser (1836–1913), who was perhaps the most celebrated Yiddish folk poet and singer as well as elevated badkhn in the northern part of the Czarist Empire. But Golub’s mother was equally versed in the canon of German lieder by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, and other

4 Songs Composed by Solomon Golub

 4 Tracks Composed   Add songs to playlist
  • Beim Teikh
  • Tankhum
  • Tsvei Vaise Toibn
  • Vig Lid

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    Anyone have a contact email for Yair Klinger or link to score for Ha-Bayta?

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