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Ovsey “Shike” Driz
Birth Date
May 16, 1908
Birth Place
Krasnoe, Ukraine
Death Date
February 14, 1971
Death Place

Ovsey “Shike” Driz  Biography

Ovsey (Shike) Driz was a poet. Born May 16, 1908 in the town of Krasnoe (Podolskaya province of the Russian Empire, now Ukraine). He grew up in his grandfather’s house, because his father died suddenly before his birth.

He received a traditional Jewish education. He studied at the Ukrainian secondary school, at the Kiev Art College, and then at the Kiev Institute of Art. In 1934 he volunteered for the Red Army. He served in the border troops. During the Great Patriotic War he was in the army. After demobilization in 1947 he settled in Moscow, where he worked for a long time as a painter, stuccoer, granulator of marble.

The author of poetry collections “Lichte Thief / Bright Being” (1930), “Stolener koyeh / Steel Force” (1934), “Die Sterte String / Fourth String” (1969).

Ovsey Driz died on February 14, 1971 and was buried at Vostryakovskoe Cemetery in Moscow (USSR, now Russia).

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