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Naomi Miller

Naomi Miller  Biography

NAOMI MILLER loves to entertain. She has been performing since grade school, when she was discovered while singing in the acoustically tiled walls of the mikveh run by her parents for Paterson’s Jewish community.  Born in Landsburg, Germany, in a displaced persons camp after the War, Naomi’s first language and first love was Yiddish.  As she grew up to the sounds of the Jewish shows on WEVD radio, Naomi dreamed that one day she, too, would be on radio.

And that dream has come true! The songs from her first hit recordings, Yiddish is in My Genes, Keeping Our Dreams Alive, From Klezmer to Broadway and From Broadway to Klezmer are played on Jewish radio shows everyday from Boston to Miami, from Los Angeles to New York.   Her newest cd, Love, Marriage, Children & Liposuction, is just as popular. 

In her college years, Naomi joined with another singer and guitarist to form The Demoiselles, an international duo that performed in all of the folk, Israeli, and Mediterranean clubs in Greenwich Village, not to mention innumerable college hootenannies (remember those?). Later, as the lead in Naomi’s Chevreh, a singing and dancing troupe, Naomi appeared on numerous cable TV and radio shows. She has continued to do so in her solo act, including regular appearances on Gary Wagner’s “Jewish Entertainment Hour” and Lee Leonard’s “Jersey’s Talking.”

Naomi has performed concerts throughout the United States and in The Czech Republic, Spain, Canada, Puerto Rico, Greece and Israel.  For several years, she was a featured performer at The Wallington Exchange, an international nightclub, where she expanded her repertoire to include Pop and Broadway music.  When Yitzhak Shamir, then the prime minister of Israel, arrived in the USA, it was Naomi who was selected to perform for him.  When Cafe Baba, a noted Israeli cafe, selected lead performers to celebrate its 25th anniversary, Naomi was among those honored.  Another great honor was her invitation to record for the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music Project in Vienna.  Naomi also had the distinction of being selected as one of the top ten Jewish female performers in the country by Lilith magazine. Naomi has also had the honor of studying with actress/singer Tovah Feldshuh, who received the  Drama Desk Award for her one woman show, “Golda’s Balcony,” and more recently won accolades for “Irena’s Vow.” ..

Naomi’s show, “Love, Marriage, Children & Liposuction” was recently nominated for an award by MAC (the Manhattan Association of Cabarets) and prompted one reviewer to exclaim:  “This ebullient entertainer, Naomi Miller, is such a good singer and raconteur and warm cabaret personality … [that] the sold out house…had a great time and showed their enthusiasm whooping and applauding long and hard…..”   Jan Wallman of “Applause! Applause”

Naomi sings in many different languages, including French, Italian, Hebrew, Ladino, Spanish, Irish, African, Russian, Greek, Japanese, Sign Language, and English and in many styles, folk, pop, jazz,  Broadway.  But given that her first language was Yiddish, it is also her first love.  Naomi’s music has perpetuated a language that was almost lost in the Holocaust and has inspired new songs that touch our hearts and our minds. As one reviewer put it, she touches “every good Jewish feeling we’ve ever had.”


Albums by Naomi Miller

Yiddish is in my Genes

Yiddish is in my Genes

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