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Marcelo Moguilevsky
Birth Date
April 26, 1961
Birth Place

Marcelo Moguilevsky  Biography

Marcelo Moguilevsky was born on 04/26/1961. Multi-instrumentalist musician (clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano sax, recorder, harmonica and piano); composer and teacher. Together with Cesar Lerner he created a duo known in the world for his personal imprint in Klezmer music. He was part of the Puente Celeste quintet. Since 2011, he has been Director of the Music Department of the National Fund and Professor of Musical Language in Fine Arts of the UNLP. He made numerous shows integrating music and poetry (Pessoa, Borges and Cortazar) with the writer Santiago Kovadloff and Cesar Lerner co-author of music. His projects include frequent tours of Europe, North America, Brazil, Colombia and Paraguay. He composed music for cinema, contemporary dance, video art and theater. In 2015 he will be presenting his latest work “Cinco” in Argentina and then in Europe, recorded in Amsterdam with the Cuareim Quartet, which was chosen Disco del Mes Disco Club.

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