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Genia Fayerman

Genia Fayerman
Artist Name
Genia Fajerman

Genia Fayerman  Biography

Genia FAYERMAN, born in the USSR, is an accomplished actress/singer. From her early youth she displayed an outstanding talent for Yiddish song and dance as well, as Russian folksongs. It is from her father’s Shabbat tunes and beautiful Yiddish lyrics she in heritage the sweet nostalgia of the Yiddish songs. After the Second World War she wondered with her husband through the remains of Poland, Czechoslovakia and Germany to settle in Paris. There she met the well-known and famous American performer Herman YABLOKOV, who invited her to join his theatre company. The great Artistic Director Yakov ROTHBAUM gave her the opportunity lo create the port of Beylke in Shalom Aleichem’s classical play “THE GREAT WIN”, also as Mirele in Goldfoden’s “THE DREAM”. It is not accidentally that Genia FAJERMAN has enchanted the Jewish audience oil over the world. She is always acclaimed in EUROPE, AMERICA, MEXICO, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA, VENEZUELA and not less in ISRAEL, where she appeared with the best companies. Her delightful deep voice and theatrical interpretation are an expression of her feelings, talent and warmth. Genia FAYERMAN is a joy to watch, to enjoy and applaud.

Albums by Genia Fayerman

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