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Song to Remember

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Song to Remember

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  • Es Brent

    An outcry of despair and anxiety . . . “Brothers do something to defend yourselves against the danger that is lurking at the gates of the “Siedtelach” threatening with destruction of Jewish lives and homes.

  • In Ghetto

    Sleepless nights and tortured days, hopeless and fearful — Ijke an endless walk of shackeled slaves through desert sands . . . that is life in Ghetto.

  • Kinder

    The souls of innocent children were victims of brutal murder. Slaughtered in the ghettos . . . The world gives an eternal oath to take revenge for them.

  • Farvos Is Der Himl

    Why are the skies so dark to-day, they were so bright yesterday? Don’t lose courage — the sun will shine again!

  • Lutzk

    Nostalgia for Lutzk — a Jewish center in the heart of Poland. Where are the customs and traditions of bygone days of Jewishness? Nothing but emptiness! Nothing but a mass-grave with 18,U00 buried souls.

  • Monutn Fun Betokhn

    Jewish people take courage! So many of your enemies have perished Hitler is also near! Live! For redemption is at hand!

  • Dialog Mit Seikhl

    A dialog between the mind and the soul: the mind cannot overpower the soul.

  • Zog Nit Keynmol

    Message of the Partisans to the people of the doomed ghetto: Don’r despair! We are marching, we are armed, we will fight — and you will live!

  • Nein

    NO — is the answer of the Jewish people to blood and war. If a whole generation is strong enough to say a united “no” — the enemy will not dare to attack!

  • Vemen Sol Ikh Shenken Mayn Teg

    What shall I do with my sad days and long nights? There is no sense to life, no desire to go on in the dark times of the destruction of my people!

  • Mayn Tfile

    Prayer for Israel reborn. Hope for the young and refuge for the old. A fortress for the Jewish people, a death-knell for the concentration camps.

  • Am Yisroel Khai

    A hymn calling to the Jewish people to come and build in Israel. After death and destruction the Jewish people have survived once more . . . they have wings again and strength again — for Jewish life is etern.