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A People Beloved

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A People Beloved

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  • Ahavo Rabo

    With great love Thou hast loved us, L-rd our G-d.
    Great and abundant mercy Thou hast bestowed upon us
    Our Father, our King,
    For the sake of our forefathers who trusted in Thee
    whom Thou didst teach laws of life,
    Be gracious unto us and teach us likewise.
    Our Father, merciful Father,
    Thou who art ever compassionate
    Have pity on us and inspire us
    to understand discern, perceive,
    To learn and teach, to observe, and do,
    And fulfill gladly all the teachings of Thy Torah.
    Enlighten our eyes in Thy Torah;
    Attach our hearts to Thy commandments.
    Unite our hearts to love and reverence of Thy name,
    So that we may never be put to shame.
    For in Thy holy great revered name we trust.
    Bring us home in peace from the four corners
    of the earth;
    Make us walk upright to our land,
    For Thou art the G-d who performs salvations.
    Thou hast chosen us from among all nations,
    And hast truly brought us near to
    Thy great name forevci
    That we may praise Thee and acclaim Thy oneness.
    Blessed art Thou, L-rd, who hast lovingly chosen
    Thy people Israel.

  • Tov L'hodos

    It is good to give praise to the L-rd,
    and to sing praises to Thy name, O most High; To proclaim Thy goodness in the morning,
    and Thy faithfulness at night,
    with a ten stringed lyre and a flute, to the sound of a harp. For Thou O L-rd hast made me glad through
    Thy work. I sing for joy at all that Thou hast done. How great are Thy works, O L-rd, How deep are Thy thoughts. A stupid man can not know A fool can not understand this. When the wicked thrive like grass
    And all evildoers flourish
    it is that they may be destroyed forever. But Thou O L-rd art supreme for evermore. For Thine enemies, For Thine enemies 0 L-rd shall perish
    All evildoers shall be dispersed. Thou hast exalted my power like that of
    the wild ox. I am anointed with fresh oil. My eyes have gazed on my foe,
    My ears have heard my enemies doom. The righteous shall flourish like
    the palm tree; They will grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Planted in the house of the L-rd
    They shall flourish in the courts or our G-d.

  • L'olom Y'hey Odom

    Always should man be G-d-fearing in private as well as in public.
    He should acknowledge the truth,
    and speak the truth in his heart.
    Let him rise early and say:
    Master of all worlds—
    Not because of our righteousness
    that we offer supplications before Thee,
    but because of Thy great compassion.
    What are we?
    What is our life?
    What is our goodness?
    What is our righteousness?
    What is our helpfulness?
    What is our strength?
    What is our might?
    What can we say before Thee
    L-rd aur G-d, and G-d of our fathers,
    Are not all the heros as nothing
    before Thee,
    the men of renown
    as if they were not
    The wise as if they had not knowledge,
    The intelligent as if they lacked
    For most of their doings are
    without worth
    Their lifetime is but vanity
    in Thy sight.
    Man is not far above beast,
    for all is vanity.

  • Mim'komkho

    From Thy abode O King Appear and reign over us,
    for we wait for Thee.
    When wilt Thou reign in Zion? Speedily in our days,
    do Thou dwell there forever.
    Be exalted and sanctified in Jerusalem,
    Thy city, Throughout all generations and forever. May our eyes behold Thy kingdom,
    As it is said in the Psalms
    by Thy truly anointed David.

  • V'hu Rakhum

    He, being merciful, forgives iniquity,
    and does not destroy;
    Frequently He turns His anger away
    and does not stir up all His wrath.
    O L^d, save us.
    May the King answer us when we call.