Become a Zamler

A Zamler is a “person who gathers scattered things to form a collection.”

Zamlers pursue a mission, passionately committed to their purpose. According to Yiddish tradition, it is an honor to be considered a Zamler.

The Ladino word for Zamler is Arrokojedores.


  • Our lifeline to your community!
  • Spreads the “SAVE THE MUSIC’s” mission
  • Finds records…in a grandmother’s house, in an attic, in a private collection
  • Directs us to those interested in monetary contributions

Zamler’s are recognized with name, photo, and credits in the collections you discover.

Zamler’s receive recognition from your community, from Save the Music, and from our visitors around the world.

Zamler’s make a lasting contribution that will nurture the roots of new generations.

Currently there are Zamlers in four continents dedicated to saving and promoting Jewish music by finding old recordings, enriching them with lyrics, translations, transliterations, sheet music, biographies of performers, composers, etc.